Calling all Pacific Northwest Spiritual Response Technique Practitioners!*

Come one come all to the First Pacific Northwest SRT Conference 


April 21-23, 2017

In Beautiful Portland, Oregon 


Please join us for the 1st Annual Celebration of the Art of Being, a gathering of SRT practitioners to honor, inspire, and learn more about our SRT skill set.  The celebration will offer classes, group work, hands on learning, skill building, and overall support of your SRT journey.  AND the Largest Earth Day Clearing on Record!


How far can our heart vibration reach?  Join us to find out! 




*This conference is non-discriminatory.  We welcome non-Pacific Northwesterners too ☺

How Can Spiritual Response Technique Help You?

Have you ever wondered?

  •      Why every relationship ends up with the same negative outcome?
  •      Why you are unable to change your destructive behavior?
  •      How you can finally stop annoying habits?
  •      How to find inner peace in the midst of chaos?
  •      The meaning of your relationship patterns?
  •      How your belief systems limit your potential?
  •      How to move through and clear-up subconscious and conscious blocks, obsessions,  habitual behavior and emotional limitations?

Jan Harris is Certified as both an SRT Consultant and SRT Teacher. 


As a Certified consultant she offers clearings of destructive, debilitating patterns. She works effectively in person or long distance through phone consultations and Skype. 

Many clients, thrilled with their own amazing results, want to learn how to clear themselves and their loved ones. Jan Harris is Certified as both an SRT Consultant and Teacher. She offers classes throughout the year and has an active mentoring program. 


Jan Harris has a background in metaphysics since her first question was, “Why am I here?” Along the road to answering this she studies astrology, Reiki, numerology, Quantum mechanics/physics, herbs, flower essences, meditation and energy anatomy . She has had many teachers and teachings and finds clarity for herself and others with the SRT methodology.   


SRT was created by Robert Detzler.

All content Copyright 1990 Jan Harris - All rights reserved

Spiritual Response Technique (SRT)

May be the Key to Helping You.

Spiritual Response Technique 

with Jan Harris